Statements zu den Digital Humanities

„Trotz der verschiedensten Entwicklungen des 20. Jahrhunderts basieren die Methoden der ‚Analogue Humanities’ immer noch auf Praktiken, die über 200 Jahre alt sind. Im digitalen Zeitalter sind sie nicht mehr zeitgemäß.“

Lev Manovich:

Digital Humanities scholars use computers to analyze mostly historical artefacts created by professionals. The examples are novels written by professional writers in the 19th century. Time wise, they stop at the historical boundaries defined by copyright laws in their countries. For example, according to the U.S. copyright law, the works published in the last 95 years are automatically copyrighted. (So, for example, as of 2015, everything created after 1920 is copyrighted, unless it is recent digital content that uses Creative Commons licenses.) I understand the respect for the copyright laws – but it also means that digital humanists shut themselves out from studying the present.