Roundtable: Critique

On January 21, a roundtable discussion on the history and current meaning of critique

Credit: Jean-Paul Sartre, Gilles Deleuze, and Michel Foucault; picture by Elie Kagan

took place at Spektrum in Berlin. The event was organized and moderated by Dennis Schep (Friedrich Schlegel Graduiertenschule). Participants were:

Luce deLire (Philosophy and German and Romance Languages and Literatures, Johns Hopkins University)

Hansun Hsiung (Max-Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte)

Jule Govrin (Friedrich Schlegel Graduiertenschule)

Jan-Philipp Kruse (Rechts- und Verfassungstheorie, TU Dresden)

The afternoon began with preliminary provocations from each participant. What follows is an abridged and edited transcript of the subsequent audience discussion only. A full audio recording, including the presenters’ preliminary provocations, can be found here.