September 2020

14Sep9:599:59Does the digital even care?Veranstaltungsart:Workshop

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Self-care is the catch phrase of the moment. Clean eating, after work yoga and therapy sessions are high on the agenda of the millennial self. They can seem like a personal endeavour to ensure one’s sanity, an individual act. However, self-care practises are intertwined with (and more and more disguised within) a neoliberal and deeply capitalist demand to self-optimise, and thus serve to keep on track collectives, not just individuals. This is of course inseparably entangled with the sphere of the digital, or more precisely with technical devices and the use of social media. While these virtual platforms suggest that all is well as long as you #selfcare, it leaves you wondering: How can we conceive of self-care in the digital sphere? And how can we provide actual care not only to ourselves, but also to others? Is self-care political?

With the main focus seemingly on the self, what’s the role of care in this day and age? Can we actually care for ourselves (and others!) by means of our devices, or are we in fact torturing our bodies and minds in the process?

In this one-day workshop, we’d like to discuss how practises of taking care have changed in digital times, and how this affects the body and mind. After all, self-care is always physically embodied, even when it is displayed, shared, advertised/marketed and commented digitally. At the very least, there are physical touching points between the body and the device, fingers scrolling, zooming in, hitting “like.” Can only bodies care for themselves and/or one another, or can the digital care? Or rather, how can we provide care in a digital age?

The Workshop is open to women*. We’re addressing these big questions by starting small, in media presentations and open discussions, by eating together and taking part in a non-self-optimising yoga session. Join us for the day, there’s even floor heating, you won’t regret it!
Experiences with yogapractice are not needed. Women* who might be critical towards bodypractices or Yoga, or who have never practiced Yoga before are welcome.

The workshop will be realized by Anna Stiede, Victoria Larsson, Svenja Paulsen and Cornelia Hinterschuster. The workshop is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Berlin.

Spots cost 10 Euros and are limited, so please register at and indicate if you can bring your own yoga mat. If not, we’ll try to provide one for you. You’re welcome!


(Montag) 9:59 - 9:59



Veteranenstraße 21 10119 Berlin