Balázs Trencsényi

Mo25Mai10:00Balázs TrencsényiRegional Contexts of a Global Crisis: The Politics of COVID-19 in East Central Europe


While the scholarly debate has been focusing on the previously unfathomed controlling mechanisms and technologies emerging in the context of the global crisis management, one should not forget about the functioning of more „conventional” institutions and mechanisms of power such as federal and municipal administrations, parliaments, courts, etc. Seeking to generate further discussion, this position paper seeks to give a short overview of the politics of COVID-19 in East Central Europe, with a special focus on Hungary, where some of the most contested measures were implemented as a reaction to the pandemic.

Discussion with Marc Lazar (Sciences Po Paris) and Leyla Dakhli (CMB / ERC DREAM).

Event will be held online!

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25. Mai 2020 10:00(GMT+02:00)

Centre Marc Bloch