Coordinates to an Island in No Map

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Live stream from Acud Studio on Facebook, Acud TV & Collective Practices Website

The video will be available on Tuesday, 8. December 2020
Conversation with participants: Wednesday, 9. December 2020, 7:30- 9:30 pm CET

“Coordinates to an island in no map” is an audiovisual project about the search for an island that cannot be found on any map, guided by the dialogues with three women from the Abya Yala —Latin Afroamerica. Through their different practices, they are finding their ways to their respective islands: a future-utopic place that is as material as subjective.

Through an adaptation of a feminist decolonial methodology, we explore the collective creation of narratives through historias vivas (living stories) that contest the hegemonic (hi)story and enable us to narrate the world from our reality, with our voices and words.

This is a digital encounter with: Florencia Brizuela Gonzales, Doctor of Law and Political Science, based in Barcelona, whose research is particularly focused on human rights, feminism, women’s rights and anti-racism; Tatiana Avendaño, trans-hack-feminist philosopher, raver, digital security practitioner and telepathy apprentice; and Yuliana Ruano-Ortiz, poet, editor and story weaver, who found in this practice the necessary tools to answer her own questions that environmental engineering was not providing.

As part of the project Collective Practices by ACUD, we want to invite you to join this —both personal and collective— journey, which is not precisely about the destination, but the way itself.

Music was central during this journey. The conversations that we share in our video were detonated with a playlist that along the way has been expanded on what has been learned and experienced. The aim of this playlist is to bring together sounds, rhythms and songs from different territories of the Abya Yala that are testimonies of this journey. Let your body connect and travel with these vibrations.

As this journey is an exercise in sharing and (re)constructing knowledge collectively, we also want to share with you what we have learned. Therefore, we collected the references and sources that emerged from our conversations and all the process of making this piece. Enjoy!

Co-creator of the original idea: Lorena Novoa Pulido

1.- Goikoetxea, I. G., & Fernández, N. G. (2014). Producciones narrativas: una propuesta metodológica para la investigación feminista. Otras formas de (re)conocer, 97.

Diana Troya

From biology to anthropology she is still exploring what “nature” means. Diana explores the human no-human relations to envision worlds otherwise. Her work is mainly focused on audio-visual tools but she is also passionate about learning about new media to work with. Despite being born in the Andes, her soul belongs to all Abya Yala. She believes in the dialogs and actions outside the academic rhetoric to learn what is needed and un-learn what has been imposed.

Amanda Chartier Chamorro
Both as Musicologist and Translator, Amanda focuses on (inter)(trans)cultural aspects, where music(s) and language(s) are powerful sources of knowledge and creative tools to re-write and re-think our relationships as human beings. As music and dance lover, she is constantly exploring sound universes, particularly those that account for the constant musical journeys between the territories known as Africa, America and the Caribbean. As translator, she explores the capacity of language to deconstruct barriers between “selfness” and “otherness” and to support the exchange of knowledge(s) between people and cultures.

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9. Dezember 2020 19:30 - 21:30(GMT+02:00)