Ecosystems of Creativity

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Panelists: Max Folly, Ashus, Daddypuss Rex
DJ set: Folly Ghost
livestream panel and DJ Set

In a world where discussions around ‘decolonising’ and ‘unlearning’ reign, this conversation will look at this in relation to desirability and attraction in a ‘cisnormative’ world (even in queer spaces). This conversation seeks to extend the discussion around gender and gender binaries and encourage people to explore their own ideas around desirability. It will try to find the balance between encouraging the reassessment of ideals and respecting boundaries. This discussion will aim to be an open and safe space, where pressing and even uncomfortable questions around gender, identity and attraction can be asked and answered as objectively as possible.

Questions to pose will be:
Are we doing enough to challenge who we find desirable, after all preferences aren’t created in a vacuum free of ideals that are influenced by societal norms?
How can spaces be created where different kinds of bodies feel welcome, free and attractive? How can people be challenged to take ownership of who they are attracted to without overstepping their boundaries?

This conversation will also be framed around the dancefloor and club scene due to No Shade’s positioning in music, especially in the LGBTQ+ space. Additionally especially in supposedly liberal, critical spaces like Berlin there are myriad of parties that claim to be spaces of body positivity and/or freedom of sexual expression, but it is disputable as to whether these values are reflected in the environment and amongst the partygoers. The conversation will use the dancefloor as a means of exploring a wider societal topic.

Ecosystems of Creativity is a four part series, which will highlight the culture of the collective, exploring how they raise the creative pulse of cities and enable them (and those within) to thrive.

Collectives function as physical and abstract networks of expression and community: they are incubators of diverse perspectives and practices that are often radical and unconstrained by societal norms. Often formed to create representation and space where it previously has not existed, collectives are inherently critical and both democratically and forcefully reshape their environments, diversifying the urban voice. Utilising the mediums of dance, discussion, music and meditation, the series will connect with a few of Berlin’s collectives showcasing how these ecosystems of creativity shape and contribute to the evolution of cities like Berlin.


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5. Dezember 2020 19:00(GMT+02:00)