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Moderation: Thomas Diesner
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Lacan’s return to Freud seems to be a constant inspiration for epistemological re-readings of Lacan, as first developed in the journal Cahiers pour l’analyse in Lacan’s time, and later in the British ‘psychoanalysis and feminism’ paradigm.
The lecture puts in the forefront the way in which Lacan’s ‘turn to language’ affects the ‘subject and truth’ problem, and brings it rather close to the later
Foucault (E. Balibar, Ch. Hoffman and J. Birman). However, as the fundamental concept of sexual difference has been left out, I propose to introduce Beauvoir’s elaboration of the difference between the male Subject and its female Other, while focusing on the very possibility – and necessity – of her introductory speech act in The Second Sex parrhesiastic site of enunciation: I am a woman. Going back to Lacan’s movement (J.-C. Milner, S. Žižek and J-P. Lucchelli) Écrits through Žižek’s recent readings of the #Me Too the conclusion is made that Lacan’s concept of the speaking truth, defined through the distinction between the objective truth, and the one related to the very act of enunciation,
should be actually related to the Beauvoirian insight into the – necessarily – blind spot of Freud’s male insight (Sh. Felman), as well as the blind spot of Lacan’s contemporary counterparts.

Eva Bahovec is professor of philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. She teaches Theoretical Psychoanalysis and Feminist Theory, among others, and is closely associated with the Ljubljana School of Psychoanalysis.

The lecture will be held in English as a both face-to-face and Zoom event. The Zoom link will be sent to you after registration: thomas.diesner@humanontogenetik.de

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