Feminicide and Violence Against Women

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Femi(ni)cide is defined as the homicide of women and girls. This extreme form of gender-based violence is often associated with certain regions of the world, rather than being recognized as a global problem. The true dimensions of these crimes, such as the frequency of domestic offences or the particular risk level associated with separation from a partner — as well as the societal acceptance of violence against women — remain largely unknown because of a lack of in-depth analyses and because these crimes are usually not statistically recorded.

In this discussion, four activists from different contexts share experiences from their work: Hannah Beeck and Aleida Luján Pinelo, with their initiative Feminizidmap, document the murders of women in Germany; Valeria España focuses on court verdicts and criminal prosecution in various South American countries; and Meena Kandasamy is an author whose work is dedicated to trauma and violence against women, especially in India. They seek to raise awareness of the complex issue of extreme violence against women and they demand greater public debate and the development of strategies in order to prevent crimes and obtain consistent criminal prosecution.

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