FRACTO Experimental Film Encounter

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This year, on the occasion of their sixth edition of the festival, FRACTO will present forty-one films curated into six programs, along with two film performances and a workshop.

The 2022 Selection spans thirty films curated into four programs and two film performances, including works from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, the UK and the USA, and which have been gathered from an international open call of approximately seven hundred submissions. The assembling and proposing of the programme reflects a certain degree of film aestheticism, on the threshold between nonexistence and historical presence, opacity and materiality, personal and collective débordement.

The upcoming lineup includes artists Anna Marziano, Ben Balcom, Camille Pueyo, Cassandra Celestin, Cécile Fontaine, Christophe Guérin, Emmanuel Lefrant, Eva Giolo, Gaelle Rouard, Giovanni Martedì, Ignacio Tamarit, Ingel Vaikla, Jacques Perconte, James Edmonds, Jean-Michel Bouhours, Jimmy Schaus, Jules Engel , Ken Jacobs, Laurids Sonne, Linda Izcali Scobie, Lydia Nsiah, Matt Whitman, Maurice Lemaître, Micah H. Weber, Mike Rollo, Miles McKane, Nataliya Ilchuk, Nicky Hamlyn, Noé Grenier, Olivier Fouchar, Mahine Rouhi, Patrice Kirchhofer, Rebecca Jane Arthur, Richard Tuohy, Robert Orlowski, Rose Lowder, Ross Meckfessel, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Simon Liu, Telemach Wiesinger, Tomás Maglione, Tomonari Nishikawa, Ute Aurand, Wenhua Shi and Yann Beauvais.

The Focus session, curated by Federico Rossin, will present the complete filmography of Paris-based filmmaker Emmanuel Lefrant, along with a homage to the 40th Anniversary of Light Cone, in a two-night all-analog screening.

FRACTO will also offer a workshop on experimental film archive practice, held by Emmanuel Lefrant in conversation with Federico Rossin and aimed especially at young artists and the next generation of programmers interested in experimental film production and the management of film archives. The event is supported by FGYO’s 1234 project and will take place at Acud Studio on the morning of Saturday, the 28th of May.

On Saturday and Sunday, starting at 1 pm, Occulto and guests will present in the ACUD backyard their diverse positions around the materialities of publishing, between analog and digital, photocopied and offset-printed, handmade and automated. We invite to participate in an informal, in-depth chat accompanied by music, drinks and snacks. The complete list of guests will be revealed soon.

Tickets are available for purchase directly on FRACTO website.
Please check the detailed programme here.

The 2022 edition of FRACTO is supported by the Institut Français Deutschland, in cooperation with ACUD, Lightcone and Occulto.

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27. Mai 2022 18:00 - 29. Mai 2022 23:45(GMT+02:00)


Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin