ilb 2023 | New South American Fantasticism

Mi13Sep19:30Mi21:00ilb 2023 | New South American FantasticismWith Mónica Ojeda and Ricardo RomeroVeranstaltungsartGespräch

ilb 2023 New South American Fantasticism Mónica Ojeda ilb 2023 On Alien Bodies and Magical Horror Bora Chung and Mónica Ojeda


Two literary positions from South America, twice fantasy: In Ricardo Romero’s La habitación del presidente every house has a mysterious room that is only for the president. In Mandíbula by Mónica Ojeda, schoolgirls Fernanda and Annelise are eerily alike. They share many things until Fernanda finds herself alone and tied up in an abandoned hut. The authors talk about magical realism and horror today and narrative echoes, from Italo Calvino to H. P. Lovecraft and Steven King to Julio Cortázar.

Moderation: Hernán D. Caro

Languages: Spanish and German

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The event is part of the special programme Echo. Echo: Magical Echoes at the international literature festival berlin 2023. The series is a cooperation between the „Temporal Communities“ Cluster of Excellence and the ilb.

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