Jour fixe: Theory Underground on tour

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We’d like to welcome Ann SnelgroveMcKerracher, David McKerracher and Bryce Nance from Theory UndergroundTheory Underground is a teaching, research, and publishing platform by and for workers, autodidacts, and academics who want to do more than they are able to within the confines of academia.

At our jour fixe we’d like to discuss aspects of the role of methodology and theory for psychoanalytic practice as well as for existential challenges in a capitalist system, we would like to talk about their books and the concept of timenergy, about political philosophy and their ideas and plans for the future.

Theory Underground‘s “American Idiots” tour is about anti-intellectualism in the states. The U.S. is the world leader in anti-intellectualism and it’s spreading through the modern media crisis of distraction and exhaustion.

David McKerracher got a master’s (M. A.) in critical theory, after studying philosophy and psychology in his undergrad. He was going to teach at the university for a living, but did not find the conditions amenable to the kind of robust, dynamic, and engaged research and instruction he wished to do. So he started Theory Underground, a teaching, research, and publishing platform by and for dropout workers with earbuds and burnt out post-grads who want to understand. He has published two books, edited another volume, and teaches several courses at Theory Underground.

Bryce Nance is someone who always wanted to go to college, not for a degree or career, but to be “a man of letters.” A combination of class background and life circumstances made it impossible for Nance to attend university when it would have made sense, so he is now supplementing his education at Theory Underground.

Ann Snelgrove-McKerracher’s background is in social science research. She has a Bachelor of Science from Boise State University where she was part of a research cohort that studied the neoliberalization of higher education. There she developed and taught a course on the related topic “Is College Worth It?”. At Theory Underground, she is a co-instructor for The Idea of the UniversityDigital Literacy and CMT (Critical Media Theory), and Critical Doxology and Timenergy (CDT).

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