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The arrival of Europeans in the Americas was an event that would irrevocably change the course of history of mankind. By the time the first explorers had landed, an invasion of the continent had already become inevitable. This is, however, contrasted by a reverse movement in the early twentieth century, namely the accidental arrival of a species of ant in Europe which drastically modified the coastal environment of the European Mediterranean. Shiploads of Argentinean grain, sugar and wood exported to Europe brought with them the species Linepithema Humile, also known as the Argentine ant. The project and video work CROSSFADE by the Argentinian conceptual artist Mario Asef (Berlin) focuses on two types of mass migration between South America and Europe, comparing the processes of migration and population expansion in human beings with the expansion dynamics of populations in nature.

Mario Asef’s projects address both ecological and socio-political issues and confront questions related to their spatial and linguistic representability. In exchange with Dr. Sven Spieker (University of California, Santa Barbara), he will delve deeper into his work and extend the discussion towards educational artistic production and transregional transfer processes within the framework of so-called global art.
The video CROSSFADE (24 min.) on free view here:


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