Neither Center nor Periphery

Mo19Sep18:00Mo19:30Neither Center nor PeripheryHacking the “Latin Americanness” within Artistic Practice, Media Archeology and Digital Culture VeranstaltungsartDiskussion


This round table will take place in the framework of Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots (, an exhibition dedicated to the net art produced in the region throughout the last three decades. From the perspective of the arts as well as the human and social sciences, the panel aims to reflect on certain configurations adopted by cultural transfers in the trans-regional context, particularly those related to the techno-political phenomenon. Moderated by the curator Jazmín Adler (Argentina), the artists and researchers Diego Gómez Venegas (Chile/Germany), Molly Soda (Puerto Rico/United States) and Óscar Gonzalez Diaz (United States/Mexico/Germany) will share their insights on the ways in which the production of knowledge associated with cybernetics, the Internet and digital culture as a whole intertwines the global and the local. The result of these crossings are new paradigms that not only encourage reshaping traditional schemes anchored in the center/periphery dichotomy, but also reconsidering practical and conceptual challenges implied by categories such as “Latin American” and “Ibero-American”. 
The exhibition Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots is part of the Magical Hackerism project by SAVVY Contemporary in collaboration with, funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin. The exhibition is organized in the context of Berlin Art Week.

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19. September 2022 18:00 - 19:30(GMT+02:00)

Iberoamerikanisches Institut

Potsdamer Straße 37  10785 Berlin 

Iberoamerikanisches Institut