On deteritorialization and reteritorialization of psychoanalysis

Sa02Jul9:30Sa13:30On deteritorialization and reteritorialization of psychoanalysisWorkshop und Gespräch mit Eva Bahovec (Ljubljana)VeranstaltungsartGespräch,Workshop


Moderation: Thomas Diesner
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The workshop will start from Deleuze’e and Guattari’s geophilosophy tracing connections between philosophical ‘images of thought’ and their milieu in the conceptual as well as geographical sense. Modern philosophical thought is considered in its opposition to antiquity and in its internal split between German Idealism and its twentieth century French critique, or ‘the adventure of French philosophy’ (A. Badiou), without much space left for the proliferation of other thinking orientations and ‘geophilosophies’. Psychoanalysis has followed more specific historical and geographical ‘lines of flight’. Curiously enough, Lacan was first introduced to the Anglo-Saxon world through the ‘psychoanalysis and feminism’ paradigm (J. Mitchell and J. Rose), while in philosophy one of its main territories seems to be that of the Ljubljana Lacanian School promoted by Slavoj Žižek and others. Žižek’s starting point was German critical theory replaced by his ‘turn to structuralism’, but without any feminist insight at all – not even after meeting the Pussy Riot Group this June in Ljubljana. How come? Why precisely this development and not any other? Why is there more interest in Hegel and Christianity than for a feminist re-reading of Lacan? Why Žižek in Slovenia and not in Croatia or Italy? And where does the ‘critical psychoanalysis’ point of view come into the picture?

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The workshop will be held in English as a face-to-face event.
Further information and registration: thomas.diesner@humanontogenetik.de

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