Queer Arab Barty x Vorspiel

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This event is organised by Queer Arab Barty, in collaboration with the space ACUD MACHT NEU, for the Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM 2020 pre-programme.

QAB Presents: Navigating Orientalism in Contemporary Society
Confirmed Panellists: Cupcake, NA EL, Imad Gebrayel + TBA

Welcome to this introductory panel organised by the Queer Arab Barty collective for the Vorspiel 2020 programme on the prevalence of Orientalism in Germany and much of the world today. We’ll be questioning what Orientalism actually is, and exploring whether its mechanisms to fetishise and marginalise the Arab community (particularly within a queer context) are prevalent within cultural and artistic discourses in Berlin today. Inviting queer speakers and participants from the Arabic community with various professional backgrounds, we will explore whether it is possible to subvert/reclaim racist iconographies and typologies or merely perpetuate them.

Queer Arab Barty presents a safe space allowing us to explore our identities, independent from the mainstream attempt to homogenise queer Arabs. This is an opportunity to celebrate and release your inner Haifas, Nancys and of course, your Nawals. We emphasise the importance of visibility for the queer Arab community who are unable to or simply do not want to be visible in public spaces, for the diaspora, our siblings/comrades back home, and everyone in between.

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28. Januar 2020 20:30(GMT+02:00)


Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin