The Case for Reduction

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The Case for Reduction Christoph Holzhey Jakob Schillinger


The ICI Berlin with its 2020-22 cohort of fellows is pleased to present the first publication to come out of its core project ‘Reduction’, launched in autumn 2020.

Critical discourse hardly knows a more devastating charge against theories, technologies, or structures than that of being reductive. Yet, expansion and growth cannot fare any better today. The Case for Reduction suspends anti-reductionist reflexes to focus on the experiences and practices of different kinds of reduction within and across different fields and approaches — from the sciences, technology, and the arts, to feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches. The event seeks to allow critical attention to dwell on specific forms of reduction and to explore their generative potentials, ethics, and politics. Which reductions are to be avoided and which are to be endorsed? Can their violences be contained and their benefits transported to other contexts?


Christoph Holzhey
Jakob Schillinger
et al.

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  • At the venue (registration required): Registration will open on 5 Oct 2022.
  • Public livestream (no registration required) on this page with the possibility to ask questions via chat.

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