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Organisiert von Olga Rosenblum

ZfL-Projekt(e): Sowjetisches Dissidententum und Öffentlichkeit

The next seminar of The Dissident Library with Georg Witte will focus on the history of German research on Moscow Conceptualism and the editing and translation of its works in Germany. Sabine Hänsgen (aka Sascha Wonders) and Georg Witte (aka Günter Hirt) have been translating and editing the works of individual poets (Vsevolod Nekrasov, Dmitri Prigov, Lev Rubinstein, and others) since the mid-1980s, in addition to their multimedia editions of the Moscow literature, art, and performance scene. We will address if and how it is possible to identify differences and similarities in the research and reception history of dissident samizdat and conceptualism as well as the specific relationship of conceptualist literature to the linguistic context. Furthermore, we will discuss differences and similarities in the reception of Western and Eastern conceptualism, with a particular focus on the example of Lev Rubinstein. In the 1970s and 1980s, Rubinstein wrote his serial texts on index and library cards. This poses particular challenges for the translation of these seemingly isolated text particles loaded with allusions and quasi-quotes from everyday Soviet culture.

The case of  Lev Rubinstein is interesting with regard to the analytical approach to literary evolution as a process of discontinuities. His work from the 1990s onwards indicates the epochal shifts throughout the literary milieu and literary practice in post-Soviet Russia. Since the perestroika period, he wrote essays and engaged in literary journalism, publishing narrative essays in democratic newspapers and online portals banned in the Putin era. In one of his later works translated into German by Susanne Strätling and Georg Witte together with their students, he chooses the form of a calendar book to synthesize his earlier serial writing practice and autobiographical short prose on a childhood under Stalinism. Thus, the translation of Rubinstein’s literature becomes its very own reflection on the breaks and shifts in the evolution of literature.

  • Günter Hirt, Sascha Wonders (eds.): Kulturpalast. Neue Moskauer Poesie & Aktionskunst. Book, audio cassette and collection of maps. Russian / German. Wuppertal: edition s-press 1984
  • Günter Hirt, Sascha Wonders (eds.): Präprintium. Moskauer Bücher aus dem Samizdat. With multimedia CD. Bremen: Edition Temmen 1998
  • Günter Hirt, Sascha Wonders (eds.): Moscow Concept 1985. Performance, Poetry, Studios. Mediabox (DVDs/Booklets). Russian / English / German. Wuppertal: edition s-press 2021
  • Lew Rubinstein: Immer weiter und weiter. Aus der großen Kartothek, ed. by Günter Hirt and Sascha Wonders. Münster: Johannes Lang 1994
  • Lew Rubinstein: Programm der gemeinsamen Erlebnisse. Kartothek. Russian / German. Münster: Johannes Lang 2003
  • Lew Rubinstein: Ein ganzes Jahr. Mein Kalender, ed. by Susanne Strätling and Georg Witte. Berlin: Friedenauer Presse 2021

Languages of the discussion: Russian with simultaneous translation into English.

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The event is part of The Dissident Library, a series of online seminars discussing scientific publications on the Soviet dissident movement directed and organized by Olga Rosenblum.

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5. Juli 2024 15:00 - 18:00(GMT+02:00)

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