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An Online Workshop with ECCHR

Registration information will be provided closer to the event date. For questions and more information, please contact Zeynep Kıvılcım.

Together with partners worldwide and those affected by human rights abuses, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) uses legal interventions to combat the impunity of perpetrators responsible for torture, war crimes, sexual and gender-based violence, corporate exploitation and border violence.

ECCHR’s current project, the Living Open Archive project, aims to render legal interventions visible, as well as to provide a platform to access and explore the last 15 years of accumulated knowledge within the organization and wider network. As both an active tool and a repository of knowledge, the Archive will help generate new ways of visualizing the possibilities and challenges of human rights work that extend beyond singular cases.

In this workshop, Dr. Annelen Micus (Director of the ECCHR Institute for Legal Intervention) and Rieke Ernst (Coordinator of Activism & Art at ECCHR) will present the in-progress Living Open Archive project and lead a critical discussion that reflects on the narratives that shape, as well as emerge from, human rights work. The workshop will bring together students from the Bard College in NY and in Berlin to work together with ECCHR to develop creative approaches and ideas for the Archive to become a living tool accessible for a wide range of human rights activists.

ECCHR is an independent, non-profit legal and educational organization dedicated to enforcing civil and human rights worldwide. Together with those affected and partners worldwide, ECCHR uses legal means to end impunity for those responsible for torture, war crimes, sexual and gender-based violence, corporate exploitation and fortressed borders.


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31. März 2023 17:00 - 19:00(GMT+02:00)

Bard College Berlin

Platanenstraße 24, 13156 Berlin

Bard College Berlin