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Do26Sep18:00Wissen der Künsteexploring, interacting and interpreting non-institutionalized knowledge systemsVeranstaltungsartAusstellungseröffnung,Gespräch,Screening


Two channel video installation view, presentation, discussion

In English

During the second part of 2019, the Graduiertenkolleg “Das Wissen der Künste” asks how aesthetics can and must be conceived of as a more-than-human phenomenon, turning its view to the entanglements between knowledge systems in art, nature and technic. Acknowledging the intertwined histories of aesthetics as a project of modernity on the one hand, and the exploitation of non-human agents at grand scale set in motion by colonization and capitalism, Kolkata based filmmaker, artist and author Nilanjan Bhattacharya has been invited to present his two channel video installation Quiet Flows the Stream, which highlights the legacy of trans-border knowledge exchange and the relevance of traditional medical practices in India. Bhattacharya will discuss different instances in which he has explored, interacted and interpreted non-institutionalized knowledge systems including systems based on non-human subjects, every day public-life, and filmic and artistic languages.

Quiet Flows the Stream
2-channel video installation/15min/color/sound/loop/2018

This diptych follows two local medicinal practitioners from India: Kunjira Mulya from Mala in the state of Karnataka, and Thendup Lachungpa from Lachung in the state of Sikkim as they present their individual narratives of healing. Evoking a milieu of the planetary the installation travels through the labyrinth of traditional medical practices in India.

Commissioned by Wellcome Trust for the exhibition, Ayurvedic Man: Encounters with Indian Medicine at Wellcome Collection Gallery, London, 2018.

Nilanjan Bhattacharya is a filmmaker, artist and writer from Calcutta, India. For the last fifteen years he has been exploring biodiversity, food cultures and indigenous knowledge systems in India. His works include Johar Welcome To Our World, Ninety Degrees, Rain in The Mirror, Fishing Out of Time, and Quiet Flown the Stream. They were exhibited at Mumbai International Film Festival, Goteberg International Film Festival, European Kunsthalle, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Experimenter Art Gallery and Wellcome Collection Gallery.

Nilanjan received the President’s Award of India in 2005 and 2010.

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26. September 2019 18:00(GMT+02:00)

Volksbühne Berlin

Linienstraße 227, 10178 Berlin

Volksbühne Berlin